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This happens to your body when you follow the Sunnah to...

Dates are often underestimated or only seen as a sweet. But there are many good reasons to regularly eat the sweet fruit. Here are...

Why I don’t like the term ‘Hijabi’

The term ‘hijabi’ draws a line between a Muslim girl who doesn’t wear hijab and a Muslim girl who does. Why should there be...

10 Must See Islamic Architectures

Islamic culture has given some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces to the world. Painstaking details and ornaments are the signature and unique features of Islamic architecture. Here are our ten choices of beautiful historic and contemporary buildings. Where would you like to go?

15 Motivational Verses from the Quran

Below are 15 motivational verses from the Quran for when we need it, and of course we need it all the time in our...

Trust Allah but Tie your Camel. (Tawakkul & Submission)

Tawakkul means to rely upon another, to appoint a trustee and to put one’s trust in that trustee. One of the beautiful names of Allah is ‘Al-Wakeel’. This name has the meanings of ‘the one who takes care of matters which have been referred to Him

Brothers! Fuel up the “Love” Tank!

LOVE is a reaction to an action . Love needs to be developed by practice. Love is not Liking. There is a lot of difference...

Why would I leave Islam?

Islam is so hard.  Islam requires that we be conscious human beings, aware of our surroundings, aware of wasting food, aware of how we deal with the opposite sex, aware of how we behave in business, aware of what we expose our kids to, aware of our environment, aware of how the less fortunate are abused, aware of ourselves, aware of our duty to Allah, aware of the fact that life is short and there’s this big huge thing called Judgment Day.  And sometimes it gets to be overwhelming and I feel like I’ll never measure up and I can’t do this and I’m failing and why the hell should I keep trying because I’m tired and I just want to be an unconscious not-thinking-about-the-afterlife-all-the-time normal person.  And dammit I just want to go to Burger King and order a bacon cheeseburger and eat it and enjoy it. So, yeah, I’ve wondered what it would be like to not be Muslim anymore.

How I Became a Morning Person, Learned a New Language, and...

And I was easily doing a French lesson every day before I started focusing on getting up early and becoming a morning person


When people say you shouldn’t be attached to dunya, what does that make you think of? Money, fashion, property? Normally something tangible, something materialistic;...

Oppressions upon your women!!!

Shame upon those men who oppress their wives. Giving preference to your friends over your wife is oppression. Screaming and yelling at your wife is oppression. Coming home...

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