Trust Allah but Tie your Camel. (Tawakkul & Submission)

Tawakkul means to rely upon another, to appoint a trustee and to put one’s trust in that trustee. One of the beautiful names of Allah is ‘Al-Wakeel’. This name has the meanings of ‘the one who takes care of matters which have been referred to Him

The Legacy of the Prophet (Part 4) – Safeguarding Allah’s Limits

To come completely under the purview of the words of the Hadith “Safeguard Allah and He will safeguard you” it is extremely critical to know limits of Allah and how you need to safeguard them.

The Legacy of the Prophet (Part 3) – Safeguarding Allah’s Commands

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem In Part 2 (Safeguarding Allah) we explained what Safeguarding Allah means and mentioned safeguarding the commands of Allah. In this part we will give...

The Legacy of the Prophet (Part 2) – Safeguarding Allah

The saying of the Messenger of Allah (SalAllahu Alayhi Wasallam), "Safeguard Allah and He will safeguard you," means to safeguard the limits of Allah, His rights, His commands and His prohibitions.

Why would I leave Islam?

Islam is so hard.  Islam requires that we be conscious human beings, aware of our surroundings, aware of wasting food, aware of how we deal with the opposite sex, aware of how we behave in business, aware of what we expose our kids to, aware of our environment, aware of how the less fortunate are abused, aware of ourselves, aware of our duty to Allah, aware of the fact that life is short and there’s this big huge thing called Judgment Day.  And sometimes it gets to be overwhelming and I feel like I’ll never measure up and I can’t do this and I’m failing and why the hell should I keep trying because I’m tired and I just want to be an unconscious not-thinking-about-the-afterlife-all-the-time normal person.  And dammit I just want to go to Burger King and order a bacon cheeseburger and eat it and enjoy it. So, yeah, I’ve wondered what it would be like to not be Muslim anymore.

Hijab, A Badge of Honor

I pen down my thoughts saddened by the memories of some of my friends who used to be good observers of hijab. They exchanged...

Sabr! Surely, Allah is with those who are patient. 2:153

What calls for sabr? Situations when we're hopeless and sad about some calamity, failure, shock, loss of someone or something, uncertainty, emotional or mental weakness,...

One of the living miracle of the Qur’an: its oral preservation

A Christian commenter in this blog inquired brother Paul “Bilal” Williams, if Muslims have any evidence to offer that the Qur’an is from God. I think it...

10 Easy Everyday Deeds to Enhance Your Scale

Islam is truly a religion of mercy. Allah (swt) has made it remarkably easy for us to earn righteous deeds. To us, some of...

Back to basic’s ~ Hijab

"Allah is beautiful and Allah loves beauty" is a line i've heard for women to force themselves to believe that they can remove hijab or beautify themselves with hijab on, going against the command's of Allah SWT. Deep down i'm sure these women know that their arguement is in fact invalid, it's a clear sign of weak iman.

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