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When people say you shouldn’t be attached to dunya, what does that make you think of? Money, fashion, property? Normally something tangible, something materialistic;...

Oppressions upon your women!!!

Shame upon those men who oppress their wives. Giving preference to your friends over your wife is oppression. Screaming and yelling at your wife is oppression. Coming home...

5 Ways to Stop Being Judgmental

Be a supportive friend. Be an encouraging counselor. Be a shoulder to cry and lean on. Your awesome love for Islam and “Muslimness” will be communicated simply through your actions of being there for others in an uplifting, genuine way. If applicable, when someone is ready, that person will ask you about Islam and seek your help in becoming the best Muslim they can be, God willing. Or perhaps they’ll be more open to listening to your sincere, gentle advice on something you’re truly concerned about because of your love for them.

Islamic Productivity Tips : To-do Lists!

On one hand I think that making a list of things to do gives me a better perspective on the availability of time and...

Playing Games with your “Lovely”!

To both: The Hubbys & the Lovelies!!! Marriage should be fun. You spouse needs to be your best friend. Laughing and giggling and joking around should...

Sabr! Surely, Allah is with those who are patient. 2:153

What calls for sabr? Situations when we're hopeless and sad about some calamity, failure, shock, loss of someone or something, uncertainty, emotional or mental weakness,...

How is the Knot ?

'Aisha (ra) and the Prophet (saw) would use code language with each other denoting their love. She asked the Prophet (saws) how he would describe his love for her. The Prophet Muhammad answered, saying: “Like a strong binding knot.”The more you tug, the stronger it gets, in other words. Every so often 'Aisha would playfully ask, “How is the knot?”The Prophet (saws) would answer, “As strong as the first day (you asked).”

10 Easy Everyday Deeds to Enhance Your Scale

Islam is truly a religion of mercy. Allah (swt) has made it remarkably easy for us to earn righteous deeds. To us, some of...

Gifts – An Effective Recipe of Love!

In every society throughout human history, gift giving has been perceived as an expression of love. Giving gifts is universal, because there is...

Back to basic’s ~ Hijab

"Allah is beautiful and Allah loves beauty" is a line i've heard for women to force themselves to believe that they can remove hijab or beautify themselves with hijab on, going against the command's of Allah SWT. Deep down i'm sure these women know that their arguement is in fact invalid, it's a clear sign of weak iman.

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