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3 Common Misconceptions about Scientific Miracles in the Qu’ran (Part II/III)

Read Misconception 1 Misconception 2: “The Quran is not a science textbook.” science and religion to occupy “non-overlapping magisteria”, neither should meddle in the business of the...

3 Common Misconceptions about Scientific Miracles in the Qu’ran (Part I/III)

science is synonymous with truth, and, if a religious book is truly from God, then it ought to be compatible with science. Google “scientific miracles...

You Will Shine

As my sins went on increasing, The noor on my face got decreasing, I wondered what could be the reason? The junk? Water? Sleep? Or the changing...

How Sura Ad-Duha Can Change Your life

Your Lord has not taken leave of you, , nor has He detested . (qur'an 93:3) Many of us know surah ad-duha off by heart and have...

Ramadan- The Month of Islamic Rejuvenation and Self Improvement

The Blessed of month of Ramadan is round the corner. It is in this month that the greatest miracle on the face of Earth...

Trust Allah but Tie your Camel. (Tawakkul & Submission)

Tawakkul means to rely upon another, to appoint a trustee and to put one’s trust in that trustee. One of the beautiful names of Allah is ‘Al-Wakeel’. This name has the meanings of ‘the one who takes care of matters which have been referred to Him

10 Easy Everyday Deeds to Enhance Your Scale

Islam is truly a religion of mercy. Allah (swt) has made it remarkably easy for us to earn righteous deeds. To us, some of...

Back to basic’s ~ Hijab

"Allah is beautiful and Allah loves beauty" is a line i've heard for women to force themselves to believe that they can remove hijab or beautify themselves with hijab on, going against the command's of Allah SWT. Deep down i'm sure these women know that their arguement is in fact invalid, it's a clear sign of weak iman.

Hajj A Revival of Brotherhood and Unity

HAJJ A Revival of Brotherhood Once again we have reached to that part of the year regarding which Prophet(SalAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) is reported to...


Today the most talked about section in the outside world is Muslim Women. How according to many they are repressed and oppressed and me being a women obviously completely and in all respect reject this opinion.

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