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Why Muslims Fast in Ramadan_


Signs in the Letters – #QuranicReflections

Signs in the Letters - A reflection upon the first ayah of surah baqarah (the cow) Like every other thing in this universe, we humans, are...

Severity of bad friends

And (Be mindful of) the Day the wrongdoer will bite his hands saying, “Would that I had taken a path along with the Messenger...

They are not justified! Are You?

. Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem ‘We are with what has happened in Paris’. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? ‘This is what Islam teaches’. OKAY, SO YOU LIE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION. PRAISE BE...

Salah: Life’s forgotten purpose. By Yasmin Mogahed

Man has taken many journeys throughout time. But there is one journey that nobody has ever taken. Nobody—except one. On a vehicle no man has ever...

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