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How do i become an expert of Quran Studies

How do I Become an expert in Quran Studies? [Six Steps]

Tafsir is basically trying to understand the Quran. Generally, most people who read the Quran can understand something from the Quran. However, there is a big difference between a person who reads a translation of the Quran and between person who can understand it through

salah is not an option its an obligation

Salah is not an option, it’s an obligation.

Islam stands on five basic Pillars. After affirming to the Tawheed (oneness of God), Salah (i.e. Namaz) holds the second place among the Five Pillars. “There can be no Islam in a person who doesn’t perform salah.” -Umar bin Al Khattab (RA) It is extremely

Your last minute Eid Decor

Muslims are celebrating Eid Al Adha all over the world. The celebration includes Food, Gifts, Charity, Decorating your house, Wearing your best outfits and more !  Got nothing to decorate your house this Eid? We’ve got your last minute Eid Decor ! 1.EID BANNERS 2. BALLOON

the right attitude

The Right Attitude

A Muslim widow left the town with her two daughters, after her husband’s death, in desperation to find security and livelihood. She reached a city and found a Muslim scholar around whom people were gathered. She left her little daughters in the Masjid and approached

Religion as Cover: Rant and Rave

“Maybe it’s your sins Allah punishes you for. Just seek forgiveness!”, the lady patted my sister-in-law’s back as a pretense of care, adjusted her unfurled locks, and left our place with a melodic “Allah Hafiz.” As I left the city, a train of thoughts sheathed

human blood


Terrorism is bad; should be dealt with an iron hand, The rhetoric sounded like some divine reprimand. And soon after, In the premises of those gold-ornate halls, The king of the empire sought to confront the brawl And hence the macabre plot was laid down,


Experiencing Life!

Once upon a time there were three men from the children of Israel who were visited by an angel. The first one was a leper, the second was bald and the third was blind. The angel asked each one what they would love to have.

Quran Wallpaper

When I Talk Love

Propelling in darkness, tripping over stones, falling through horizons, scarred in my soul. Crucifying the myth of happiness in existence of fate, investing my conscience into hands which are frail. Banging my head on walls which never yield, Anything but blood, a forgotten misery. Who

Abdul Sattar Edhi returns to his Lord

Pakistan’s legendary philanthropist, social activist and might be called as ‘World’s greatest Humanitarian’ passed at the age of 88 on a Friday night in Karachi. His family reported of his death and his son, Faisal Edhi asked to ‘’ pray for the departed soul ’’